1. What To Do Before Listing Your Home

    When you moved into your home, you may have thought that you would live there for the rest of your life, or at least for many, many years. However, things can change, and you might be ready to sell your house and move into something smaller, bigger, or simply different. Whatever the case may be, at …Read More

  2. What Does Your Dream House Have? Part Two

    In our last post, we talked about what people often look for in their dream house, and we covered the bedrooms, the bathrooms, and the kitchen. At Nau Real Estate Services, we love helping people find the perfect home, whether it’s their first or their tenth. If you’re looking for real estate in…Read More

  3. What Does Your Dream House Have? Part One

    When looking for a new home, you probably have ideas in mind of what you’d like the property to have. You definitely want the space where your family can grow and where you can spend time making memories with friends and relatives. At Nau Real Estate Services, we can help you find the perfect home…Read More

  4. Settle Into the Scenery of the Rocky Mountains

    Denver is known around the world as the “Mile High City,” and that’s because it sits at an elevation of 5,280 feet (exactly one mile high). However, while Denver and the surrounding area is a great place to live, what often attracts new residents are the higher elevations to the west of the ci…Read More

  5. The Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent

    When you’re looking to buy or sell a home, it’s important to keep in mind that even the smallest details can either make the process easier or create a host of problems. At Nau Real Estate Services, we want to make the homebuying or the home-selling process as easy as possible for you and your f…Read More

  6. Finding More Space For Your Family to Grow

    If you’re expecting a new baby in the next few months, you might be looking at your current house and be thinking about how you and your family will soon outgrow the space. If you already have kids who are already outgrowing their bedrooms, you might be thinking about buying a new home. At Nau Rea…Read More

  7. Finding Your First Home

    When you’re ready to buy your first home, you probably have a laundry list of things you want the house to have. You know that you might not be able to find your dream home the first time out, but you still want a property to have certain features before you consider making an offer on it. At Nau …Read More