In our last post, we talked about what people often look for in their dream house, and we covered the bedrooms, the bathrooms, and the kitchen. At Nau Real Estate Services, we love helping people find the perfect home, whether it’s their first or their tenth. If you’re looking for real estate in Jefferson County, contact us today and we’ll get started on your search!

In Part Two of our series, we’ll take a look at the living room, the dining room, and the home office.

The Living Room

The living room can be many different things, and it often functions as a multi-purpose space for the family. You may set up your home theater so that you can watch TV and movies in comfort, or you may create several seating areas where you can sit and converse with friends and family. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to remember that the living room is often the center of activity for entertainment and for relaxation. You may want a room where you can have a game area or a spot where you can help the kids with their homework. At Nau, we’ll take your idea of what you want in a living room and help you find the right fit.

The Dining Room

The dining room can often be forgotten about, except during the holidays or when you have lots of friends and family over to visit. Perhaps you’re someone who loves the idea of hosting large dinner parties or serving an amazing holiday meal, and if you are, then you most likely want a formal dining room that exudes elegance and that can hold a large number of people. The size of the room will determine what size of table you can have, as well as what type of lighting will work within the room. If your dream home has a formal dining room, complete with a large chandelier and china cabinets, we’ll do our best to make that a reality.

The Home Office

If you work from home, then you need a workspace that’s both functional and comfortable. The home office should be a room where you can get work done, but it can also be a place where you relax after finishing that last project for the day. If you envision a room that has a comfortable couch, and perhaps a TV with a video game system hooked up to it, we can show you properties that fit that idea. If you need a home office that can also function as a guest room, we can make sure that’s on the list when we take you to a prospective house.

Looking for a new home can be overwhelming, but with the right real estate agent, the process can be simple and stress-free. At Nau, we love helping people find the perfect home, whether they’re buying for the first time or they’ve been saving for years to purchase their dream home.

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